The DUI Screening and Revocation Evaluation Process By- Aykman Fernandez

At Arizona DUI Services, our licensed counselor is Robin Fernandez who has over 15 years of clinical and substance abuse counseling experience.  Those who have been convicted of a DUI will be ordered to be examined by a licensed substance abuse counselor. This examination is called a screening, and the ultimate objective is to get your license reinstated as restricted. Here at Arizona DUI Services we offer affordable and convenient screenings that are completed electronically. Before the screening our counselor will send you the consent to treat and intake paperwork as well as the privacy agreement. During the screening you and our substance abuse counselor will discuss several topics relating to your alcohol and drug history, your driving record, and your past criminal history. Our counselor will also administer the M.A.S.T assessment during your screening. The M.A.S.T will ask you ‘yes or no’ questions. After the screening the counselor will recommend the next course of education and treatment for you to complete. All information will be available for the MVD and referring Arizona Courts. The MVD will then make the decision if you will be given a restricted driver’s license.

         Please remember that those who fail to complete the screening and/or the education course can get harsher penalties and can earn a license revocation. At Arizona DUI Services we also offer license revocation services. A revocation evaluation is similar to a normal screening; except the counselor will help determine whether you’ll get your license reinstated from a revoked status. You will have to acquire a revocation investigation packet from the MVD, which you will need to fill out and send to our counselor in order for your evaluation to be scheduled. The counselor will complete an assessment about how and why you had your license revoked and will check if you have completed the recommended education and treatment requirements. The M.A.S.T assessment will also be administered during your evaluation.

         We are here to guide you and assist you on this journey!


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