The Social Stigma of a DUI By: Paul Fernandez

Chances are they’re talking about you.

The Social Stigma of a DUI

Although courts do not look favorably upon a DUI conviction, many times the harshest critics are friends, family and co-workers. Let’s face it, a DUI conviction has a certain level of shame attached to it.

  • Professionally
    • DUI convictions require extensive time in courtroom, treatment and screenings. With courthouses and treatment facilities operating on a 9-5 schedule it is highly likely you will miss some time from work to meet court appointed requirements.
    • Missing work for DUI business will only fan the gossip flames at work. If you are in a position of authority and are expected to operate from a high set of morals a DUI could be disastrous to your career. Although you may have never had a drink on the clock you could be suspected of it. 
    • Any future job search could be compromised as many employers perform background checks on potential employees. You may be eliminated from the pool of candidates before you have the opportunity to demonstrate your competence.
  • Social Engagements
    • With the news of your DUI out it is possible that the organizations you volunteer with will find out. If the organization you volunteer with offers advice or guidance it is  possible they could ask you to step down as they attempt to distance themselves from the negativity associated with a DUI conviction.
  • Personal Relationships
    • A DUI charge could create trust issues within your relationships, along with additional emotional and financial stress. A DUI could also have your children question your authority.

The most effective way to put the nightmare of a DUI conviction behind you is to complete the court ordered screening, treatment and education in a timely manner. Without completing the court ordered requirements on time you will fall out of compliance with the courts and may receive much harsher consequences. With Arizona DUI Services you can complete your DUI/Alcohol Screening and Education all online. Our electronic platform allows you to complete the screening and education at your convenience from a location of your choice. Our platform will keep you from missing any work and help you complete your education at your own pace. If you or someone you know is looking to complete the court ordered DUI process contact Arizona DUI Services today at 602 882-4968 or at


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