Not all DUI Screenings are created equally!!! By: Paul Fernandez

When someone is convicted of a DUI offense one of the very first steps needed to resolve the issue is the DUI Screening. Seems simple enough but the DUI Screening has several aliases. An Alcohol Screening, an Alcohol and Substance Abuse Screening, a Drug and Alcohol Screening, an Arizona MVD Alcohol Screening, an MVD Alcohol Screening, a Court Ordered Screening, a DUI Evaluation, an MVD Ordered Screening, and an Arizona DUI Screening and MVD DUI Screening. The actual DUI Screening has so many pseudonyms when someone calls Arizona DUI Services, they are uncertain we even offer the service.

To cut through the chaos I want to start by saying yes, Arizona DUI Services offers Alcohol Screenings, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Screenings, Drug and Alcohol Screenings, Arizona MVD Alcohol Screenings, MVD Alcohol Screenings, Court Ordered Screenings, DUI Evaluations, MVD Ordered Screenings, and Arizona DUI screenings and MVD DUI screenings. At the end of the day all of these assorted screenings are just DUI Screenings.

Now that we’ve cleared up that confusion, I want to tell you that not all DUI Screenings are created equal. When you break it all down here is why Arizona DUI Services may be the best available option. Here are three quick observations regarding DUI Screening facilities and Arizona DUI Services.

• Some facilities are Drug and Alcohol Treatment Clinics and before you can gain access to their services you must go through an intake process before you can complete your DUI Evaluation, which will be an additional cost to you. Arizona DUI Services is not a treatment facility so there is no intake process or additional fees. Arizona DUI Service’s MVD DUI Screenings may actually help you keep more of your money in your own pocket.

• Let’s do some simple addition, an intake process and a Drug and Alcohol Screening are two separate services and each service requires your time. Without having to complete the intake process Arizona DUI Services is going to requires less of your time and who wants to sit in a clinic for a few hours in the middle of the day? Not only can Arizona DUI Services save you time it is not uncommon for our clients to complete their Court Ordered Screening the same day they contact us.

• Many of our competitors require their clients to visit a physical location which can be problematic. In Economics, the term opportunity cost states when you make a decision to do ‘A’ you lose the opportunity to do ‘B.’ In this scenario when someone chooses to visit a physical location they miss out on work or family, something has to give; another issue to consider? Individuals looking to complete an Arizona DUI Screening have a suspended driver’s license and now need help getting to the clinic, not an easy ask if your friends have jobs too. Great news! Arizona DUI Services understands our client’s unique needs and helps our clients overcome these obstacles. With Arizona DUI Services our clients get to pick the time and day of their Drug and Alcohol Screening and complete the screening through their own smart device from a location of their choice. Our Alcohol Screenings are designed for busy people.

Not all DUI Screenings are created equal some require more time, money and transportation but with Arizona DUI Services you can complete your Alcohol and Substance Abuse Screening using your smart device or laptop from any location with an internet connection. Completing your DUI Screening really is as simple as going to our website and setting up a user account. If you need an Alcohol Screening but don’t have the time to go to a clinic Arizona DUI Services is the right fit for you.


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