Arizona DUI Services- Putting You First! By: Paul Fernandez

It sounds counter intuitive and silly when you hear organizations talk about putting the customer first. After all isn’t this why someone starts a business? The truth is, there is a lot that goes into putting customers first. Every aspect of the organization from frontline employees to marketing must be single mindedly focused on creating the best customer experience. Even the customer experience has its distinctions and the best organizations are looking to create the experience customers are looking for, not the experience the organization thinks they should have.

Since its inception in late 2018 Arizona DUI Services has been identifying obstacles in the customer’s journey and making incremental changes to improve their experience. Here is a quick check of the progress we have made:

  1. Redesigned our website to offer more information making our prices and processes more transparent.
  2. Early trials with various payment processing organizations have cleared out awkward and cumbersome vendors. After beta tests we have determined PayPal to be the most user-friendly point of sale (POS) vender. 
  3. Similarly to our testing of POS vendors we have tested a few video communication platforms for our screenings. In our experience we have determined the most effective way to connect with clients is to create a video chat function within our client’s dashboard. By eliminating third party vendors we are able to simplify the alcohol screening and revocation process.
  4. To make the Alcohol and Substance Abuse screening, Revocation and Education services easier we have developed a user friendly dashboard. Each user with have their own dashboard with clear instructions outlining the process of each service.
  5. The user dashboard allows our education clients 24 hour access to their classes. The ease of accessing the education content when it is convenient for the user assists the user in meeting daily demands and still meets the MVD/court ordered education requirement.
  6. After each Alcohol/Substance Abuse Screening or Revocation our staff will upload their notes to the user’s dashboard and send a copy to the appropriate court and MVD on behalf of the customer.

It is the desire of Arizona DUI Services to offer superior customer service and a set of services that are simple, quick and final. It is our belief that innovation comes through incremental changes and it is our challenge to continue identifying areas to improve, develop winning strategies and put controls in place to track the progress of our strategies.


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