What are DUI Services

DUI Services are the services which help DUI offenders meet Arizona’s Administrative Penalties. Administrative Penalties are imposed by ADOT/MVD and are triggered by the arrest. DUI Services will be needed to meet the penalties regardless of the final outcome of the court case. Once the arrest triggers the penalties you will need DUI Service to regain your driving privileges. The Administrative Penalties consist of an alcohol and drug screening, DUI Education and an ignition interlock.  

The order of the DUI Services typically starts with your alcohol and substance abuse screening. The screening is essentially an assessment which will look into the history of substance/alcohol abuse, the history of how drugs/alcohol has impacted your life and any treatment history. The typical screening will take about 30 minutes and how you answer these questions will impact the clinical recommendations which will be the second step in the DUI Services process.

Clinical recommendations for treatment following the Alcohol/Drug Screening will range from 16 Hours of DUI Education for level 2 offenders or 36 Hours of DUI Education for Level 1 offenders. Again, the Alcohol and Drug Screening will determine which level offender the individual is. Also, the 36 Hours will consist of 16 hours of education and 20 hours of group sessions.

Although Arizona DUI Services is an ADOT/MVD approved and AZDHS licensed facility we are not a treatment facility. Not being a treatment facility has some great benefits for our clients. Since we are not a treatment facility there will not be an intake process which requires time and money, both of which are limited. However, since we are not a treatment facility should an individual be deemed a Level 1 offender and need the 36 Hours of DUI Treatment, they will need to find a licensed treatment facility to complete the 20 Hours of group sessions. Having to use a treatment facility to complete 20 hours of group sessions will typically require an intake fee.

If the offender has been recommended 16 hours of DUI education as treatment Arizona DUI Services can help meet those requirements. The content of the 16 Hour DUI Course has been determined by the Arizona Department of Health Services and will cover BAC, Alcohol Use Disorders, Substance Use Disorders, the Physiological and Psychological effects of drugs and alcohol, and alternatives to drug and alcohol use.

The final DUI Service will be to install an ignition interlock on the offender’s vehicle. This is typically the last step because offenders may have their license suspended for a minimum of 90 days. The ignition interlock will be installed for 12 months; however, it is not uncommon for the 12 months to be reduced to six months when the offender completes the 16 Hour DUI Education course.

So, there you have it DUI Services are the services individuals will need to meet the Administrative Penalties triggered by a DUI arrest. Again, regardless the outcome of the court case the Administrative Penalties are required to be fulfilled.

If you were arrested for a DUI and need to meet the Administrative Penalties associated with ADOT/MVD you can start registering for you Alcohol and Drug Screening today with Arizona DUI Services by clicking here.


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