10 Moments that Sum Up Your Revocation Experience

Heard any horror stories about the Revocation Process? Driving privileges get revoked in Arizona for some serious violations. The stories behind the revocation are fairly similar. One small bad decision followed by a poor decision followed by inaction and over time people find themselves without a license. Unfortunately, life continues and the bills keep coming but the newly acquired lack of mobility creates brand new challenges to life. It’s not all bad there is a bright side. When your license is revoked after waiting the designated time you may be eligible to have your license reinstated. After meeting the time requirements, you will go through a Revocation process to get your license back. Getting your license back after being revoked is a tremendous feeling and a comes with a sense of accomplishment. This is serious business! In our experience here are the top 10 moments which may sum up your Revocation experience with us.

  1. Relief- many have been without a license for a long time because the process was once too lofty.

The fear of the process. We speak with clients all the time who thought about and had started the process a year or two ago and stopped. The facilities the clients were utilizing were challenging to work making the process too overwhelming to continue. People will walk away, just quit in the middle of the process. Our Revocation process is simple, straight forward and convenient.

  1. Independence- No longer needing to use Uber or ask others for rides.

Once our clients have completed their revocation process and the MVD has approved their revocation their license is reinstated along with their independence. Once reinstated they no longer are dependent on ride share, friends or family.

  1. Financially sound- money will now go toward own car, insurance and gas instead of paying ride shares, friends, etc.

It’s all about the Benjamin’s! That hole in your pocket is fixed and your money is not dedicated to your own livelihood!

  1. Accomplished- Gaining your privilege to drive again is a huge accomplishment. 

There is no doubt about it, Revocations are a process and once the process is completed there is a sense of achievement. Finishing the Revocation process is a confidence builder.

  1. Confident- Knowing that you can drive again without getting cited for not having a license increases confidence.

Driving legally and without looking over you shoulder delivers a sense of certainty. There is freedom in driving legally.

  1. Encouraged- Having a license opens the door for employment, family and being able to participate in functions again.

For some of our clients it has been years since they’ve had their driver license. During those jobs had to be close to home and could not require a driver’s license. This drastically reduces employment opportunity. More frustrating is missing out on birthday parties, anniversary parties or weddings that required any driving. Those days are in the past! A reinstated license is path to new jobs and sharing special moments.

  1. Grateful- Getting a new chance in life sparks much gratitude.

Standing on the completed side of a Revocation and looking back at the process makes many people grateful for their own perseverance and the people who help along the way.

  1. Hopeful- What was once so challenging to obtain is now achieved which opens the door for new goals.

The independence that comes with reinstated driving privileges knocks down some of the previous barriers to opportunity. It is now time to re-evaluate your options and set some bigger goals!

  1. Giving back; Pay it forward- Once you know how this process works you want to share with others so they can accomplish this too.

We have clients that have started the Revocation process with other organizations and walked away because it was so frustration. Once they complete our simple process the are more than happy to share their story with others going through the process. Their success story becomes our story!

  1. Satisfied with how life is moving on up! 

It is so encouraging to us to see and hear the excitement and joy of our clients once they have their driving privileges reinstated. Nobody truly understands the liberty of having a driver licenses until it has been revoked.

At Arizona DUI Services we understand the Revocation process does not have to be so challenging so we’ve created a process that is straightforward, easy to access and simple to complete. If you’ve been putting off getting your license reinstated because of all of the horror stories you’ve heard. Do yourself a favor and contact us at Arizona DUI Services. We can help you get back on the road much sooner.

If you have contacted the MVD and are ready to move forward with your Revocation Evaluation Click Here.


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