The answer is in you Extended Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

When you are trying to figure out which service (or services) you need to reinstate your driver’s license frustration is a common emotion. The Arizona MVD has 1600 employees servicing 3.7 million eligible drivers and 2.4 million registered vehicles to say they have their hands full is an understatement.

Arizona DUI Services has spoken with hundreds of clients looking to get their driver license reinstated but had no idea where they should start. For those struggling to understand which services they need, there is a simple way to figure out. The answer is AZ MVD Now. It’s the Arizona MVD’s user dashboard, and it can tell you what services you need to complete to get your license reinstated. On the website you can purchase your 5-year extended Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). The 5-year extended MVR displays all violations on you driving record and the compliance activities needed to resolve those violations.

Before you can purchase your Extended MVR you need to setup your account. You’re going to have enter some personal information like your driver’s license number, date of birth, and last four digits of your Social Security Number. At face value it may seem hard and confusing, especially for those who aren’t tech savvy. Don’t worry though! With a little electronic know-how (you won’t need much) you can successfully set up an account. We’ll help walk you through the process and even provide pictures. If you prefer a video walkthrough you can watch here:

First, go to the AZMVDNow website, Once you get on the site, there will be a dashboard with plenty of options. The one you need to be focused on is the red rectangle that says ‘Activate Your Account’, as pictured below.

 After clicking that, you will be offered to sign in or create a new account. Select where it says ‘Sign up now’ as pictured below.

After that you’ll need to provide account info such as email (for a verification code), make a password, and choose a display name. The area to provide said information should look like this. Then press the ‘Create’ button below after filing out your information.

Following that you’ll come to the next step which will require you to enter your phone number for further verification, as pictured below. This may seem like too much security, but remember this account contains private info such as your Social Security Number and driving records! Keep that in mind.

In the future whenever you log into your account, you’ll receive a code to log in via text, preventing unwanted theft of personal data. After completing that step the website will need you to provide identification. You’ll be presented with these choices. Choose the option that best fits your situation. Then you’ll have to provide other info associated with your license or Arizona ID Card, like driver’s license number, birthday, and Social Security Number.

After moving on, if you entered your information correctly, your data kept on file by the MVD should be presented, as pictured below. If the information is yours click ‘confirm’.

Finally, you’ll have to activate enhanced security, which entails facial recognition and the like. You don’t have to enable it, and if you don’t want to just skip that step. This step is just in the event you haven’t provided an email or telephone number to the MVD, so the MVD will ask you to update your information so they can update your record on file, as pictured below.

After correctly verifying your identity you have created your account and you’ll be able to enter your user dashboard and fully browse the website’s features!

Now let’s get back to the 5-year extended MVR. To find your MVR, select on the top bar where it says ‘Other Services’, as shown below. From there select the first option “Driver License Record”. In the drop down select the Extended Certified MVR.

From there select the first option “Driver License Record”. In the drop down select the Extended Certified MVR.

Unfortunately, the Extended MVR is not free but five dollars is a bargain compared to the length of time you will spend trying to get a MVD customer service representative on the phone. With the extended MVR you will identify the violations and compliance activities needed to reinstate your driving privileges down. The MVR can get complicated and difficult to read but Arizona DUI Services is here to help. You can email your MVR to Paul at and he will be happy to help. Thanks for reading, and we here at Arizona DUI Services are feel privileged to help!


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