What You’re Not Being Told About Your DUI! By- Paul Fernandez

There are many emotions and thoughts that come with a DUI. A DUI can be emotionally painful, financially devastating, socially awkward and mentally draining. Dealing with the social stigma is a delicate balancing act as you try getting time off to complete an Alcohol/Drug Screening without drawing too much attention because if everyone knew where you were going, they may think less of you and the thought of being rejected by your peers can breathe life into long forgotten emotional pains.

Then there is the possibility of the person you’re interested in at work finally noticing you and asks you to meet them and their friends Saturday night for a quick dinner and a movie. Sadly, you have to decline the invitation because you don’t have a valid driver’s license; maybe you could catch a ride with a friend but you know there is chance you may be shelling out $2500 in fines and penalties so financially, things are getting tight. This may not be exactly what you are dealing with but chances are your story still has some new DUI induced life altering obstacles.

These are some of the unfortunate consequences of being convicted of a DUI. This sounds like a lot to deal with because it is, regrettably there may be more for you to decipher.

When you consider Arizona had over 21,000 DUI’s in 2018 one would assume the legal process is straightforward; after all your DUI wasn’t the first recorded DUI.

Sadly, trying to get your driver’s licenses reinstated after a DUI can be a complicated event. From the outside looking in I have discovered the Arizona state courts and the MVD can have competing needs and fractured lines of communication. It all comes down to the difference between the law and the license.  Courts are established to ensure you operate within and stay compliant with the law and the MVD is in place to confirm you are meeting the state requirements in order to reinstate your driving privileges according to Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS).

As a casual observer I noticed the courts are able to operate with a bit more subjectivity. For instance, I heard a story about an individual who was convicted of a DUI and the courts ordered the individual to install an ignition interlock device for 6 months and complete the 16 hours of DUI Education. Seems simple right? Get the interlock and do your education and get your license back. Unfortunately, the MVD is more objective and more likely to stick to the ARS section 28-1381. In my previous example the individual may have done exactly what the judge asked them to do however, the MVD may still require an Alcohol/Drug screening and an additional 6 months of the interlock device and without contacting the MVD to confirm their requirements, they may have had their license revoked- further complicating the situation.

With two distinct entities involved in the DUI process, by overlooking the scope of duties for one group it is possible to fall out of compliance with the other and this confusion can become costly. Falling out of compliance could result in further fines, extended loss of driving privileges, possible jail time or additional months with an ignition interlock device.

So, what is the key to getting your driving privileges reinstated and moving forward with your life? The first step you should do is exactly what the judge has asked you to do. If you were ordered to get an interlock device or complete the DUI Education then add that to your calendar or to do list and get it done. The second step I suggest you do is call the MVD (602.712.7355) and verify which requirements you are to complete. This will clear up any confusion and set you on the right path. Also, depending on what the judge orders you to do you may have already completed some of the requirements.

My last piece of advice is to get compulsive especially if you have already talked to someone at the MVD. I encourage you to call a second or even third time just to validate what you have already been told. Once you have contacted the MVD, have your court orders in hand and understand what it is you need to do to get your driver license reinstated.  I have some good news for you- Arizona DUI Services is not complicated. We have designed our website to be transparent and clearly outlining the process for each of our services, displaying the costs of our services and creating a user friendly dashboard to help you complete the DUI Screening, Revocation and/or 16 Hour DUI Education. If you are in need of an Alcohol/Drug Screening, Revocation or 16 Hour DUI Education, let Arizona DUI Services be the last piece in the puzzle and step closer to getting your driver’s license back.


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